Viviankrz Decor

Your Exact Right Design Solution

Did you know that simply changing the paint color of a room can make a huge difference?

Rearrange your living space and take it all in style!

Let professionals equipped with the taste, experience, and enthusiasm create your space.

We make the interior design process easy and fun, meeting your aesthetic and functional expectations without going overboard!

Complimentary Design Consultation

A designer will schedule a visit at the project location to take a full scope of the project and discuss all aspects such as furniture, lighting, color, style and more.

Limits Discussion

After the walk-through and based on your expectations and budget, the designer will confirm the time and budget limits for completing the project.

Design Process

The designer begins the design and creative process by creating a beautiful presentation complete with all things within your budget. A collaborative process to meet all your expectations.

Presentation Day

It's time for you to see the complete plan for your project. You receive the hand-written plan and the list of chosen items, as well as installation instructions.

Painting and Decorating

To transform any room in your house, redecoration would include the preparation of ceilings, walls, and woodwork followed by the application of any paint or wallpaper.

Wallpaper Specialty

All types of paper hanging, including designer papers and murals.

Hand Painted Kitchens or Furniture

Whether you have a bespoke kitchen, kitchen units that need modernizing or one-off pieces of furniture, our attention to detail will give that individual finish.

Dustless Sanding

Using the latest technology, we can sand down ceilings, walls and woodwork, capturing the vast majority of the dust created.

Why Us

We Are Professionals

Using the industry's best paint and products, combined with our knowledge and experience, you rest assured of consistent high-quality workmanship.

We Are Trustworthy

We provide honest, reliable, clean and tidy decorating services that stand head and shoulders above the rest.

We Care

We work around your busy schedule and consult with you on all aspects of color selection and color coordination for your project to ensure that your project is completed according to your preferences and standards.

Allyn Broadbent, project manager.